Social Responsibility

Mimar Sinan Cultural and Educational Foundation

Mimar Sinan Foundation of Development, Culture and Education (MİKEV) was established as an initiative by the İnan Family contribute to the socio-economical and cultural growth of society. MİKEV has been continuing its operations since 2004 with Serdar İnan as the CEO.

The primary objective of the Mimar Sinan Development Cultural and Educational Foundation is "To add value for society and improve standards of quality in education."

The Mimar Sinan Development Cultural and Educational Foundation's priority is providing scholarships. Successful but disadvantaged students are the primary recipients of MİKEV scholarships, with the foundation's objective being to help them reach their career objectives and for each one of them to become a successful individual.

The Mimar Sinan Development Cultural and Educational Foundation, in addition providing to three hot courses and bread six days a week, also provides educational support, cash assistance, health assistance, heating assistance, rent support, clothing assistance, furnishing assistance and bedding assistance.