During its fifty-two-year journey, İnanlar have remained dedicated to their principle of "design for people," which has served as a beacon lighting its way forward. İnanlar’s track record is embellished with numerous firsts for the Turkish construction industry, world-class achievements and over 220 projects that have improved the quality of life in Istanbul. Today, as one of Turkey's most trusted and respected companies, İnanlar continues on its journey, guided by the vision of being industry's regional leader.

What lies behind all of İnanlar’s successes is their customer-focused and confidence-based approach to management. İnanlar are justifiably proud of building happy homes, earning the trust placed in them and fulfilling all of their promises. Constructing branded projects on their own lands, developing functional and sustainable solutions as they sought to build the future, İnanlar has worked ceaselessly for fifty-one years, and looking forward to another fifty-two years of tireless endeavor.

İnanlar’s story, which began with the founding of İnan Construction in the Laleli district of İstanbul in 1965, has always featured customers in the starring role. And the stage has always been Istanbul. İnanlar have built in projects in almost every part of this most beautiful of the world's cities. While constructing more than 220 projects they have exercised the greatest care, lovingly designing and painstakingly constructing their projects to preserve İstanbul's silhouette, its urban fabric and natural environment.