Serdar İnan

He was born in Erzincan in 1965.
After Robert College, he graduated from the Architecture Department of Istanbul Technical University. During his university years, İnan, whose family members were mostly architect or civil engineer, began working at the family company, İnanlar. In 1995, he became the Chairman of the Board at İnanlar and has achieved more than 220 projects up to now.


Serdar İnan, who has investments in automotive, energy and tourism sectors besides construction, is also the President of Board of Trustees at Mimar Sinan Foundation (MİKEV). Serdar İnan, renowned as the architect in love with Istanbul, is a member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO) and Chamber of Architects of İstanbul. Serdar İnan, whose hobbies include writing poems and essays, sports and travelling, has four published books of his poetry. His 5th book Asl-ı Suret, comprised of his poems and essays is his latest book. Serdar İnan is married and father of four daughters.